Homepage of René Kullock

For the last 15 years I worked in science, in particular in the fields of nano-optics, nano-electronics and nano-technology, and on this page I want to give a glimpse behind the curtain as probably 95% of the things we do won’t get published.*

I cannot show the exciting results we are currently obtaining,** but I think there is enough to cover first.

* Either because it is “boring” work of building up setups, the experiments do not work out, the results are not reproducible or we simply have not found an explanation for the effects, yet.
** Of course, the cool stuff we want to publish in peer-reviewed journals first.

Yagi-Uda antenna for light

One pillar of our work is the capability to build and characterize high-precision nanostructure. In order to do that we have established advanced lab infrastructure, devices as well as setups and heavily rely on single-crystalline gold flakes.

Their growth and properties are so important that we already wrote several publications about them and I even programmed a small tool for simulating their growth. You can play with this tool right inside your browser but first read the instructions! Alternatively, download the “Rust” code from here, compile it and change it as you want.

Besides Rust, Matlab, Python and so on we heavily rely on LabVIEW for coordinating all the devices within an experiment and present the data in a sensible way. Some of the programs are shown here.